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Hills Australian Junior Championship 11.25-28 (2019)

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Hills Australian Junior Championship 2019.  25 – 28 November 2019
Hills Golf Club, Brisbane Queensland Australia

Colts – Under 21 boys and girls (born between 1998 and 2000)
Class A – Under 18 boys and girls (born between 2001 and 2003)
Class B – Under 15 boys and girls (born in 2004 or later)

General Information

The Championship, ratified as a world ranking event by the R & A, will be open to boys and girls under the age of 21 as of 31st December 2017. There will be 1 x 12 month scholarship and 4 x 1 month scholarships on offer to attend Hills Educational Foundation and Hills Golf Academy to players who have indicated on the entry form their acceptance of such and that the players meet the scholarship criteria.

Winners will gain an invitation to play in the Greg Norman Masters in December 2019 dependent on their age qualification.


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